Learning to play Bridge? Frustrated with having to memorize formulas and tables of points? Then look no further.

Bridge Simplified
by Jim Love

Make sense of Bridge. Learn how and why Bridge systems and bidding points work. You needn’t feel overwhelmed by the world’s most popular scientific card game. Simple principles cope with the almost infinite number of possible situations that can arise while playing just a few hands.

Bridge Simplified is a 50-page booklet, written to teach beginning players in a local Bridge group, where it has been used successfully since, because other Bridge books didn't provide the analysis and information which you can find here.

Other Bridge books present point ranges for decisions in each of the many, many different game situations. It's no wonder players get confused; they can’t remember whether they have enough points or too many for their bids. That approach is particularly bad for beginning players, because the why has been left out (it was too obvious – to the author). Bridge Simplified is not intended as a substitute for the many fine works by famous Bridge players and authors, but you will understand them better and appreciate them more after you read Bridge Simplified.

What’s In the Booklet?

It explains how and why bidding systems use the point system. It shows the logic behind your needing at least a certain number of points to open the bidding, a different number to overcall, and still other numbers for other responses and strategies.

When you understand how these points were determined, you can figure out for yourself an appropriate bid without having to consult a book or a “crib sheet” before every bid, in order to do the right thing. You will be able to make your best bid in less time than it takes to look it up, and you will have more confidence that you are making a sensible bid. You’ll not only get better results, you’ll have more fun doing it, because you won’t have to memorize hundreds of exact point ranges for every possible situation.

The booklet also provides the basic rules of the game. It outlines the American Standard bidding system, and explains bidding methods and popular bidding conventions. It discusses strategies for playing a hand, for both declarer and defenders. And it explains the fundamental logic behind taking certain actions, just as it explains the bidding systems, in ways not found in other books. Finally, it has a series of questions to test yourself on bidding and play.

How Do I Get It?

Bridge Simplified is available exclusively from its author. To obtain your copy of this unique booklet, send $6.00* and your mailing address to:

Jim Love
1001 N.E. 8th Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33483-5839

E-Mail: Jim@JSLove.Com

* Includes postage and handling in the United States. From outside the U.S., please send US$7.00 as an international money order; the extra $1 is for international postage, and the fees for processing out-of-country checks are usually more than the cost of this booklet.

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